Talktowendys – Wendys Survey –

Talktowendys – Wendys Survey –

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Talktowendys – Wendys Survey

Wendy is happy to introduce the new Talktowendys Survey for its customers. Let’s look at how taking a simple Wendy’s survey can help you win free Wendy’s coupons & Exciting Prizes.

The focus of Talktowendys Survey is:
1. Customers Feedback and opinions.
2. To improvise their all round quality and deliver the best to their customers.
3. Request honesty in the survey.  .
4. Overall employee and staff quality check.
5. Overall check on food quality.
6. Overall improvisation on aesthetics of the food served.
6. Overall improvisation on the look and feel the restaurant.

7. Overall cleanliness of Restaurant.
8. Standard of food service.
9. Availability of Wendy’s Menu items.
10. Overall check on food Items available as mentioned in Wendy’s Menu.

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The TalktoWendys Survey Guide Covers Following Areas:

  1. Definition of Talktowendys Customer Survey.
  2. A step by step guide To Take Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  3. Importance of the survey.
  4. A Video Guide to taking the survey.
  5. Get Notified by giving Wendy’s Review.
  6. How to contact Wendy’s Restaurant.
  7. How to email customer service of Wendy’s.
  8. Steps to win Wendy’s Free Sandwich.
  9. How to win Wendy’s Premium Sandwich.
  10. Wendy’s Menu Item list.
  11. Where to register an issue or a complaint about Wendy’s?
  12. Coupon Code-$2
  13. Find Wendy’s Near you.

Wendy’s is a household name in America. For all the Wendy’s lovers, Wendy’s presents a simple guide to how you can available exciting coupons, offers and a change to win gifts of up to $500. All they need is 5 minutes of you time.

Here is an easy step by step guide to take the TalkToWendys Survey. Now win free Wendy’s Coupon at Share the survey with you family, friends and loved ones. | Wendys Survey at

The article will guide you through the steps to take the Talktowendys Survey. It will also help you understand how the survey can get you offer using Talktowendys Customer Satisfaction Survey. Wendy’s Customer Survey is open for all to take and win. So buckle up and read the pointers carefully.

A little insight into TalkToWendys

One of the largest and longest running restaurants of America, Wendy’s was found by Dave Thomas on 15th November 1968 in Columbus Ohio. With more than 6500 locations across America, Wendy’s is ranked amongst the top three Hamburger fast food chain in the country.
Sector-  chain of Fast Food Restaurants.
Creator- Dave Thomas.
CEO-  Todd A. Penegor.
Area Served- Most chains in The US. .
Wendy’s menu items popular among people include-  Hamburgers, Chicken Sandwiches, French Fries, Beverages, Salads, Frosty (frozen dairy dessert).

About Wendy’s Brand Logo

Here is a little trivia for all the Wendy’s lovers. We all must have stopped and wondered at some point, what does the Wendy’s logo really depicts? Well, lets see.

Wendy’s logo is interestingly designed with a smiling redhead girl in it.
“Melinda Lou Morse”, the girl in the logo is the 4th daughter of Dave Thomas.
Her Middle and nickname name was “Wendy”.
The chain logo is based on her name and image.

Talktowendys Customer Satisfaction Survey at

Now, before we jump into the survey,  get a little perspective on Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey.

1. Budgets and sandwiches are almost the most famous menu items at Wendy’s.
2. The Famous burger chain also listens to its customers through their feedbacks.
3. The Survey talktowendys is also called Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey.
4. Wendy’s Officials conduct these surveys to improvise on their services.
6. Customers can give unbiased feedback, both positive and negative.
7. Talktowendys Survey offers customers to complete survey at
8. To take the survey, Visit Wendy’s official website.
9. The survey includes all questions relate to your recent visit at Wendy’s restaurant.
10. You will receive a coupon code after every purchase.
11. Lucky winners receive rewards post successful completion of the feedback.

Talktowendys Survey Requirements

For you to have a shot taking Wendy’s survey and winning exciting rewards you must have the following:

1. Obviously, since the survey is “online” you would require a computer, smartphone, laptop, or tablet.
2. Above devices with running Internet Connection.
4. A recipient or bill from your recent purchase at Wendy’s.
5. Working Email Address.

What is Talktowendys Customer Satisfaction Survey all about?

The Satisfaction survey consists of the following:

1. Levels of Customer satisfaction from its recent visit to Wendy’s restaurant.
2. Overall behaviour and conduct of the staff at Wendy’s.
3. Overall food Quality.
4. Price of the meal you ordered.
5. Cleanliness of restaurant.
6. Security in and around the restaurant.
7. Overall environment of Wendy’s

Wendy’s Survey Prizes | Rewards At Talktowendys Customer Satisfaction Survey

With Wendy’s survey, You get a chance to win some amazing offers and rewards. Let’s look at the details of the rewards:

1. Free Wendy’s food coupons.
2. Plus you can coupon for BOGO Spicy Chicken.
3. Win Dave’s single sandwich.
4. Free meal coupons.

Wendy’s Near Me

Now that you know what’s in it for you to take a survey, a lot of you might just want to rush to your nearest Wendy’s. Where to find it?

1. Wendy’s got Store locators to guide you to their nearest joint.
2. Google map is another reliable option to discover the quickest route to your nearby Wendy’s.
3. Wendy’s now have a mobile application that help you with queries.

Wendy’s Customer Survey Details

Here is a step by step guide to take
TalkToWendys Customer Satisfaction Survey.
1. There are  two principal rewards included.
2. BOGO special spicy chicken.
3. Dave’s Sandwich with a special sauce.
4. You start with a purchase of an item from Wendy’s .
5. There is a cap on coupon usage – You can use 1 coupon/30 days.
6. Please note that Coupon code will remain valid for 14 days.
7. You have to claim your free win within 14 days.

Simple Steps of How To Take Wendy’s Survey

  1. First you have to visit Talktowendys official website.
  2. Next step is to choose the desired language. You can choose the languages from:
    English, French or Spanish Language.
  3. After choosing the language of your choice, move ahead by clicking next.
  4. You’ll be guided to the next page, select Take Survey Option.
  5. Enter the 8 Digit restaurant code found no the Wendy’s Receipt.
  6. Don’t forget to mention the date and time of your visit at Wendy’s.
  7. Enter the amount again, found on the receipt.
  8. You’ll receive a verification email on the Email Address you mention.
  9. The next step includes answering all the questions asked in the survey with complete honesty.
  10. You can enter in Cash Sweepstakes when you successfully answer all the questions.
  11. It is important for you to provide mentioned details: Name, Address, Email ID.

The TalktoWendys survey questions are very generalised and include topics like:

1. How did the food taste?
2. How quick was your food served?
3. The overall behaviour of staff members.
4. How was the overall environment.
5. Was the staff friendly?
6. Was the store Clean?
7. There are also some questions on your personal details for when you win the rewards Wendy’s officials can buzz you directly.

Rules of Talktowendys Survey

  1. Age of the participant taking the wendys survey must be 18 years or above.
  2. Participant must be legally a resident of USA.
  3. The Customer can redeem one coupon in not more than 30 days.
  4. Coupons not applied on combo items.
  5. The survey is not for Wendy’s staff members and their families who are working with Wendy’s.
  6. Participants can only register one email ID for Wendy’s Sweepstakes.

Wendy’s is categorised as one the best serving restaurants in the whole of America. To maintain its position Wendy’s comes with its own set of challenges.

Wendy’s Challenge for innovation:

One of the biggest challenges faced by Wendy’s was using new age technology, application of the large LCD screens in its restaurants.   
They wanted to have centralized control over all information including orders to be displayed on several screens.

The Innovative Solution at Wendy’s

Wendy’s restaurant have:

1. Five to six 42” displays around its restaurants.
2. Three Digital Engine media players.
3. Content management system.

The displays show Wendy’s custom-made menu, special offers and promotional movies.

To makes it’s digital media operations centralized, Wendy’s uses AOPEN Digital Engine DE7000 which is a reliable and powerful media player, developed to perform round the clock.

How does the display help? Wendy’s can change menus and indulge in promotional activities from a centralized location to any restaurants from this centralized system.

Online Entrance:

Wendy has also come up with some exciting prizes. To opt for a prize money worth $500 you have to fill in Wendy’s survey by online means.

For that:
1. Make a purchase at Wendy’s.
2. Don’t forget to save your receipt.
3. Enter the information from receipt onto their website.
4.Also enroll in sweepstake by taking the survey.

Offline Entrance:

Can’t do it online? Well, don’t be disappointed.
You can use the mail in method to take their survey.

Draft your feedback on a piece of paper and
Mail it on the following address:
Wendy’s International, Inc. One Dave Thomas Boulevard, Dublin, Ohio 43017.

Also, get in touch with Wendy’s directly. Just pick up your phone, dial the customer care number and  Give your feedback.

Wendy’s Drive-thru hours:

Monday to Thursday: 10 AM-12 AM
Friday to Saturday: 10 AM-1 AM
Sunday: 10:30 AM-12 AM

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