PrepaidGiftBalance – Check VISA or MasterCard Gift Card balance

PrepaidGiftBalance – Check VISA or MasterCard Gift Card balance

PrepaidGiftBalance – Check VISA or MasterCard Gift Card balance
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A PrepaidGiftBalance is a different animal as compared to a debit or a credit card. As the name suggests, the gift cards are prepaid, i.e. you have already paid for the charge available on your gift card through your account and can now use this card for making payments to stores across the US. These gift cards are offered by both VISA and MasterCard making it one of the most secure methods of payment. You can then keep track of your balance through

Why Prepaid Gift Cards?

It is not always advisable to use a credit card or a debit card when going out shopping. With the increase in cyber theft and how easy it has become to steal credit card information, it is much safer to use a prepaid gift card in cases where the purchase you have made is not that big. Credit cards are primarily made to cover large transactions that you cannot cover through your current account balance and the savings in your debit card is all the money you have. Thus it is advisable to use a prepaid gift card to ensure the safety of your credit and debit cards.

The greatest strength of prepaid gift cards is that they can be used as an alternative to cash or kept with you for situations when you have run out of cash or are low on cash. The prepaid gift cards can be acquired by applying to the US Bank National Association.

How to check your prepaid gift card balance?

A simple visit to the is enough to help you check your prepaid gift balance. Prepaidgiftbalance helps you to keep track of how much balance is left in your prepaid gift card and then plan your transactions accordingly. You can easily check your MasterCard gift card balance by logging on to the and navigating to your account.

If you’re a new user you’d need to setup a new account by filling in your details including your card number. As it is a gift card and not a credit/debit card, it won’t work in ATMs. It can’t be used to withdraw cash or check balance in an ATM hence it can become really troublesome to keep track of the transactions made and the remaining amount in your prepaid gift card. Thus being able to check your prepaid gift balance becomes even more important and is the best way to keep track of the balance on your prepaid gift card.


The prepaid gift cards are available in a number of denominations like $25, $50, $100, $200 etc. These cards can be used to pay for transactions across US to different stores and merchants without using cash which would help you save cash for emergencies. You can make small transactions using these gift cards and keep track of the balance of your gift cards by logging on to

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