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Mykfcexperience: Your favorite restaurant known for its mouth watery chicken recipes wants to hear from you. A bridge between the company and its customers, KFC’s Customer Satisfaction Survey is a simple survey that inquires about its customer’s experience. It doesn’t matter if the company is just a start-up or has been in the market for a while, a customer satisfaction survey is a better way to reach out to loyal customers and gain their point of views about the company.

Both negative and positive feedback is appreciated. On one hand, positive feedback motivates the company and negative ones give a window of improvement for them. From KFC’s employee behavior to food delivery the survey covers overall satisfaction survey. Ultimately, the survey is for the customers so that the next time you pay a visit to your favorite KFC joint you are nothing but baffled.


KFC started its customer satisfaction survey to get reviews from its loyal customers. The information provided by the customers are valuable to the management of KFC.  When companies like KFC are amongst the top in the business, they thrive on creating better overall service for its customers. This intern helps better customer satisfaction and the overall growth of the company.

Moreover, customers feel appreciated when companies listen to them. Loyalty towards a brand or a company is directly proportional to understanding its customers and one can only do that by reaching individually to each one of them.

Mykfcexperience Restaurant:


KFC also was known as Kentucky Fried Chicken is the world’s second largest chain of the restaurant after McDonald’s. With over 20,000 chains across 123 countries, KFC has made its name in the last food business. Colonel Harland Sanders who began his business by selling fried chicken in a small roadside joint. His entrepreneurial vision and continues hard work for coming years made his restaurant ‘KFC’ one of the fastest growing chains and in no time, expanded outside America into another country. Initially, KFC spread into countries including UK, Mexico, and Canada.


KFC is famous for its chicken recipes. Especially Zinger burger, crispy chicken strips, hot wings, Tower burgers, wraps and various fast foods.  KFC’s chicken popcorns are another one of those widely appreciated recipes. Apart from these title menu food items, due to its large reach and restrictions in various countries on food and beverages KFC has to tweak its recipes and menu items with accordance to country norms. Example: Grilled chicken in locations UK and US, the halal used in Islamic countries and the nack for spicy food in Asian countries motivated KFC to create the Zinger burger.

Way to Enter KFC Customers Satisfaction Survey:

What do you need?

  1. A receipt from your last purchase at KFC.
  2. A computer system, laptop or smartphone device with good internet.
  3. You should be able to understand English or Spanish.

1. Visit the KFC’s official website.
2. Enter the details including- survey code, date, receipt number, time of your purchase and few other details.

Honesty is important. Make sure your answers are genuine. Once you are done with your survey, submit it and get your coupon code.

To get free KFC burger, participate in KFC survey.



The survey is quite simple to answer and totally depends on your experiences at any of the KFC restaurants. You will be provided with a validation code once you complete the survey entirely. The code is multipurpose and will help you gain free coupons and other offers. Obviously, the code has an expiry date, so don’t be lazy with your coupons.

The coupon has validation of not more than 30 days. The 30 days starts to post your completion of the survey and only stands if you get it through mail or SMS. If you lack internet access, you can call on 1-800-CALL-KFC. You can directly call and give your feedback, queries and other concerns about your nearest My KFC experience. If you are still confused you can always visit KFC’s official website at, click on “contact us” and give your feedback through the website. Although best would be taking the online survey.

Want to know the nearest KFC joint? Use its “Restaurant Locator”. Don’t stops have the best chicken ever.

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