Krogerfeedback – Kroger Feedback Survey Fuel Points

Krogerfeedback – Kroger Feedback Survey Fuel Points

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Krogerfeedback – Surveys, we all know what they are? And have taken them at some point in our lives. However, have you ever stopped and wondered that spending 5 minutes on a survey can fetch you some benefits? I bet you didn’t. Kroger, a chain of grocery, pharmacy and other daily stores has a deal for you. Unlike others, when you complete a survey with ​Kroger Feedback Survey​ you are awarded with ​​FREE fuel points, gift cards of up to $5000, grocery card, digital points and more, all this just for 5 minutes of your time. What you need to be is an adult, above 18 years of age to enjoy the benefits of​ Kroger survey.

Now, we live in an age where we have limited time and a lot to do. For everything minute we spend on something we demand better out of it. Hence, surveys are something not everyone find time worthy. Not with Kroger though. 

Here is a step by step guide on how you can enjoy exciting offers by logging in to krogerfeedbacksurvey​ and completing one of their surveys.

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KrogerFeedback Customer Survey


We need to understand why Kroger or as a matter of fact any other company takes surveys. It is for the benefit of its customers. They want to know how the employees are doing? How is their product doing in market? How can they improve their services? And many such fundamental questions. And what better to do than asking their customers themselves. To motivate their customers to take the surveys’ Kroger rewards them with offers on its products,​ 50 fuel points, gift cards, coupons and more.

KrogerFeedback Customer Satisfaction Survey​ – Online Steps:

Before you get on with the survey, here are few ground rules that one must follow to avail the offers offered by Kroger online survey.

  1. Age 18+, you need to be an adult to the survey. 
  • It is crucial that you have visited all or at least one of their chains of stores.
  • You must have a recipe/bill from your purchase at any of the krogers store. 
  • ID proof for verification or your Kroger loyalty card number. 
  • Since it’s online, it goes without saying; you need a smartphone or Laptop with decent internet connection.

Follow the steps mentioned to participate in the online kroger feedback survey:

1)Visit – (Kroger’s official website) Fill in – date, entry time and receipt ID from your last purchase. 

2) Click “Start” to continue. 

Note: If you are taking the survey for sweepstakes, you will be eligible even if you didn’t visit a Kroger store. 

3) If you get a notification with an error message saying “Sorry, we are unable to continue the survey based on information you provided. Please try again.” It would mean that the information you provided was incorrect. This, make sure you have all the details cross checked before you commence the survey. 

4) Once you have successfully entered all the correct information, you’ll be guided to the next step which will include filling out survey. The survey will include multiple choice questions based on your experiences. 

5) When you are taking the survey a complete meter will be displayed below, on the screen that will notify you about the percentage of survey remaining. Once you are at the end you will be asked with your “Customer ID” (OR) “Loyalty number“(Optional, this can be ignored).

New tip on – Free Wi-Fi

Don’t forget to mention your name, address and other information at the last page and you’re done. You’ll receive your​ krogerfeedback fuel points ​and will be automatically registered for sweepstakes. The results of sweepstakes are displayed on Kroger’s official website.

Point to note, if you are out of internet signal you can use the free Wi-Fi in the Kroger stores to take their survey. 

Final Note on Kroger ​ :

If you are facing any trouble, you can leave a comment below and we will try to help you with a possible solution. In case if you are looking for Kroger feedback customer care number, you’ll find it mentioned below. 1-800-576-43770 – working hours from 8 AM – 11 PM

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